Gingerbread Anarchy – bring it on!

Happy New Year and plenty of wassailing to you all!  This is the year.

Towards the end of 2017 (yes, 2017) I created some reduction linocut prints of some designs which I called Gingerbread Anarchy.  I then attempted to sell them at an illustration fair at Christmas time, where they received a few smiles, but I received very little money.  This was disappointing, and shook my confidence a little.   And so, I shelved my little gremlins, and they’ve been carefully packed away, in a drawer, protected from the light, water, and general amusement of all, for a year.  However, as 2018 came to a close my attention was drawn to a relief printing competition in Norway, and I felt a pang of failure again that I had so quickly dismissed my little ginger friends and that I was still feeling ‘scared’ of rejection.

This was on New Year’s Eve, and I was watching a programme about the legendary illustrator Raymond Briggs, who said he felt it was important that illustrators draw on what’s inside them when creating their images – and so few illustrators do that these days.  I have not enjoyed shelving part of what is in effect my personality.

I have therefore sent them into the competition, and even if they’re not selected, I have at least tried.  My crazy little ‘sick of Christmas and being eaten’ guys are out there, so watch out 2019.  Bring it on!

Gingerbread Anarchy





What is a reduction linocut?  Check out this page by Illustrator/Printmaker Natalia Moroz


All images on are copyright Heather Whitney 2019

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